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Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

  • Are you wasting money on your internet marketing?
  • Are you using the Internet and your Website as a Marketing and Business Tool?
  • Are your business objectives being efficiently and effectively translated into measurable and attainable goals online?

LOW FAT is a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency that has over 15 years experience in:

  • Lowering your cost per click and cost per sale/lead
  • Increasing your sale and leads
  • Developing a successful internet marketing strategy for clients

LOW FAT is able to assist you with the key elements to Internet Marketing Services as a full online business service:

1. Acquire Visitors

Increase website visitors

Increase product/service awareness

Improve website visitor quality

2. Convert Visitors

Increase sales

Increase the filling out of a form

Increase downloads

Improve click-throughs

Increase telephone enquiries

3. Retain Visitors with Email Marketing

Increase return visits to website

Improve customer loyalty

Cross and up-selling tactics

Data verification/profile enrichment